Tru-Test Automated Heat & Health Monitoring with Active Tag Collars supports dairy farmers looking to maximise their breeding programme. The solution is ideal for indoor or pasture-based dairy operations, delivering world-class precision in heat detection to maximise mating and insemination, improving your service and conception rate.

Cow behaviour recorded 24/7
Active Collars track cow behaviours and activities.
View heat data history on individual animals or groups).
Cloud-based data storage and 24/7 access from anywhere.
Easy to understand dashboard analysis including activity reporting for rumination feeding and resting, heat intensity, heat alerts.
Long lasting, durable, lightweight and battery-operated.
Firmware upgrades can be programmed over the air.
Once secured, Active Collars do not need to be removed.
For indoor and pasture applications up to 1000 animals.
Lightweight Around 100 g.

Durable, lightweight and battery-operated.
Once secured, they don’t need to be removed.

Weight: around 100g
79.55mm x 69.60mm x 31mm
Collar strap: 40mm width
Battery life: 5 years warranty
Light indicator: LED
Reading distance to ATG gateway: 500m Radius
long life, highly secure to cow