Rehydion Gel 320ml is indicated for beef and dairy calves. In case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbances (diarrhoea). It is an oral rehydration treatment that can be added to milk, with guaranteed milk clotting. Rehydion gel 320ml has faster, guaranteed milk clotting and helps to maintain a low abomasal pH. Its high palatability and efficient dilution in milk allows weight gain to continue, even in cases of severe scour. It also has a high Strong Ion Difference (SID), which effectively suppresses acidosis. Rehydion gel® is fast to mix by simply shaking the hand-held bottle. The consistency of Rehydion gel® means that precise doses of alkalinising agents and electrolytes can be squeeze-delivered with ease. In dairy and beef systems the product is timesaving, convenient and minimises stress as it can be given neat, meaning there is no need for the calf to be separated from its dam. One bottle provides enough for eight, two-litre calf feeds or 160 feeds for lambs. The distinctive yellow top also acts as a handy measuring cap.