Orafluke 10% Off Sale

The sales continue at FRS Direct with 10% off Orafluke 2.5 litres this month. Originally priced at €105, Orafluke 2.5L is now available for the brilliant value of €95 for the month of August.

About Orafluke

Orafluke is supplied by a company called Pharvet, based in the Cookstown Industrial Estate, Dublin 24. It  permits a three-way activity against fluke, lungworms and stomach worms in cattle and sheep. It is a broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment of benzimidazole susceptible mature and immature stages of nematodes and cestodes of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts of cattle. Orafluke 2.5L is a concentrated dose of 5.6ml per 50kg body weight in cattle.

The product is active against the following: 

Haemonchus sp.

Ostertagia sp.

Trichostrongylus sp.

Cooperia sp.

Nematodirus sp.

Bunostomum sp.

Trichuris sp.

Strongyloides sp.

Oesophagostomum sp.

Dictyocaulus sp.

Moniezia sp.

Immature and mature Fasciola sp. over 8 weeks of age. 

The product has a good therapeutic effect against type II Ostertagiasis


A dosing gun can inflict damage to the mouth and pharynx of animals, so please ensure caution when administering Orafluke to prevent such harm to the livestock.

The main concern for humans is that Orafluke can splash back into their eyes. It is vital they rinse the infected eye/eyes with water and water their hands straight away to avoid any injury.

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