Goodbye Creosote Stakes! They will no longer be available to buy in Ireland from next April. The treated coating used on stakes is still permitted for transmission poles, railway sleepers and agricultural and equine fencing purposes. For those reasons, creosote remains a popular product with FRS customers.

However, in seven months’ time, people will have to look at alternative options, as creosote will no longer be able to be purchased. Following a review from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), it will be banned for EU members, as it is deemed a carcinogen. Creosote will however remain on the British market.

Goodbye Creosote Stakes – Get your last stock

FRS suppliers PDM will be selling a product called Tanasoth. On appearance, it looks quite similar to tanalised, but has a green coating. In meantime, creosote will remain in high demand and FRS have budget-saving prices. The following are the list of current prices (subject to change) on creosote round posts and rails:

2/3″ diameter in 5′ creosote posts – €3

3/4″ diameter in 5′ creosote posts – €6.60 

4/5″ diameter in 5′ creosote posts – €8.80

3/4″ diameter in 6′ creosote posts – €7.50

4/5″ diameter in 6′ creosote posts – €10.25

5/6″ diameter in 6′ creosote posts – €13.20

4/5″ diameter in 7′ creosote turners – €15.25

5/7″ diameter 7′ creosote strainers – €29

4/5″ diameter 8′ creosote turners – €17.60

5/7″ diameter 8′ creosote strainers – €31

5/7″ diameter 10′ creosote strainers – €38.50

Numerous other fencing items such as wire, handles and fencers are ideal to use with creosote stakes. They are available to buy any time from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm in our yard in Cahir, county Tipperary. We also deliver to the surrounding areas, with a delivery charge of €30.

Contact Us & Further Information

For any enquiries and to get your creosote stakes before they’re gone, contact us by calling 052 744 1598 or emailing